React Calendar in Drupal

In this article the Javascript framework React is used to build an application while the rest of the website functionality and data storage is provided by Drupal 8. This article focuses on a progressive approach provided by the Drupal contributed project Decoupled Blocks.  The React Calendar library is used to provide this functionality.

Drupal Custom Contextual Filter

A custom contextual filter for Views in Drupal 8 is demonstrated using the Data project. Only a small amount of code is needed for the custom filter.

Set up Drupal

Begin by setting up Drupal and installing the Schema and Data projects.

composer create-project drupal-composer/drupal-project:8.x-dev contextual --no-interaction

Create a database and visit the website to install it. Now install a couple of contributed projects.

Decoupled Drupal, GraphQL and React

Decoupled Drupal is gaining increased interest.  Decoupling refers to using Javascript for the front end of the website and Drupal for the back end content.  Many of the tutorials leave out critical information and even quite recent tutorials are already out of date because the software is changing so quickly.  Developing a production website under these conditions is still risky but has intriguing possibilities.  Javascript avoids page reloads and promises increased speed and separation of the display from the data.  But building a display yourself loses things like search engine optimizat

Migration in Drupal - Part 2

Part 1 looked at how to put the source database credentials in settings.php.  Part 2 looks at how to specify the source website root so that files are properly transferred.  After the fix for the database settings in part 1 the command for configuring the migration is

drush migrate-upgrade --legacy-root=http://mydrupal7site.com --configure-only

The import of the files is done by running

AJAX without the Drupal FormBase class

AJAX Open buttonDrupal 8 forms are usually classes that inherit from the FormBase class.  The FormBase class provides underlying functionality such as AJAX for Drupal forms.  This article explores how to use only the form API without the FormBase class yet provide a light weight AJAX behavior.  To keep this from getting too complex only buttons and event handling are considered.  While this

Xdebug with Vim for Docker for Mac with Ubuntu 16.04

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) are nice for debugging problems but with Docker containers they have to be set up to work remotely. Vim may not be as nice an interface but has an advantage of being able to run in the container making it easier to get set up and running quickly. This is especially true for new releases where there is not much information yet on configuration.