Private Taxonomy project


i am not sure not sure a simple thank you is sufficient for you "maintainers", but it is often the best we noobs can provide.  This was pretty important to my marketing - to define a competitive advantage, so i really am grateful and appreciative.

- hamish_s

The Private Taxonomy module attaches a owner to each term in a private vocabulary much like every node in Drupal is owned by a user.  Two permissions control the behavior of this module.  "Administer own taxonomy" allows users to create, edit and delete their terms.  This allows them to create their own classification system for their content.  "View private taxonomies" allows users to view other users' terms in private vocabularies.  This allows other users to see how content is classified by the owner.

A Private Terms Reference field is provided which can use all terms for classifying content or can restrict the options to just the user's terms.  This allows users to view all users terms when viewing content but restrict the terms to the user's own terms when creating or editing their content.

Gaia Environmental Science personnel took over maintaining the private taxonomy module in Spring of 2012 and ported it to Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 along with greatly extending its features.